Our Academy offers you an incredible summer experience in Marbella, to have fun, enjoy and learn through playing golf.

Summer Golf Camp for kids

Children from the age of 5 can join the Summer Camp organized by the Santa Clara Golf Academy by PDG Golf.

The experience begins from 10:00 Hs. until 13:30 Hs, and you can enjoy various sports, leisure, and interactive activities to have a great time.

Does your son know nothing about golf? It is no problem! You don’t need equipment or previous experience to join. You will find all the material you need at the Academy. You’ll learn to play alongside trained golf professionals so you can start your practice on the mat and then on the course.

And not everything will be golf. We will also have more sports activities and interactive games for you to spend an unforgettable summer, enjoying with other children of your level.

You can sign up from now. The camp begins on June 15 and ends on August 19, 2022. Reserve your place, space is limited. If you are interested, fill the form here and our pro will contact you.

Intensive Golf Program for young players

At PDG Golf’s Santa Clara Golf Academy we believe in personalized work where each student receives a plan and coaching designed exclusively for him. We believe that only with this type of plan and program the student will be able to achieve the maximum performance of it.

Our culture and personalized way of working seek to generate a strong bond between the coach and the student. Based on the work dynamics that are carried out with the best professionals in the world, the training sessions end up adapting to the needs of the player.

Our training plans are comprehensive and arise from the in-depth study of each area of ​​the game. This is the ideal model to maximize the student’s game.

Our intensive program is for players from 12 years old and up and includes:

  • Personalized coaching
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and training with the latest technology (Flightscope).
  • Personal fitness training by our Fitness Coach.
  • Daily training rotations. These cover golf course practices, the driving range, short game, putting green and skills training.
  • Custom speed and distance workouts designed by SuperSpeed ​​and SwingBalance.
  • Green fees and access to all areas of Santa Clara Golf Marbella.
  • Clubs analysis and club fitting.
  • Assistance and planning of tournaments always putting the best possible competitive calendar in relation to the points of the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking).

The work scheme is completely personalized, understanding that each player (depending on their age, talent, physique, personality, and other factors) does not need the same thing.

Daily practices are based on constant monitoring that covers technical instructions, physical training, mental work, court strategy, personal training plans, and emotional control.

Accommodation in Marbella for international players

This program also offers the possibility of accommodation, transportation, and meals. You can check with the professional to schedule this service for international players or national players outside of Marbella.

This must be booked in advance and prices may vary.

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